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04:54 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #3: Add support for custom css or image replacement
This is very low priority since the project is on github and anyone could just pull it down. Phantom
04:53 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #141 (Closed): Add a display for list of characters
URI builder was added a while ago and includes selecting preset characters Phantom
04:52 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #175 (New): Character color support
Support for specific character colors. This is mostly heavy in assets, but could be done alongside #144 for some impr... Phantom


06:14 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #173 (New): Support for Remote Updating
A remote controller for the overlay that could be used from another PC / tablet / etc. Could potentially be done with... Phantom
06:13 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #172 (New): Doubles Support
Support for Smash doubles in the overlay. This would likely need to be done by allowing two characters in the overlay... Phantom


10:27 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #144: Update character images
As part of this cleanup, images should not have extra empty space in them, any spacing requirements should be 100% ac... Phantom


01:26 AM Tournament Overlay Feature #146 (Closed): Add Round to Uri Builder
01:26 AM Tournament Overlay Feature #146 (Closed): Add Round to Uri Builder
Round name is not in the Uri builder, but is exposed as a possible uri parameter Phantom


11:16 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #142 (Closed): Uri Builder based on current url
11:16 PM Tournament Overlay Feature #145 (Closed): Uri builder to include player name and character settings

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